Friday, November 27, 2009

Life is Funny

As all my regular readers know, I am very fond of feeding the birds and squirrels that frequent my generous back yard. Every morning, I take out seeds and peanuts, and they eagerly anticipate my arrival. In fact, if I'm later than usual, they post a lookout to spread the news as soon as I show my face!

On nice days, when I have the time, I sit outside and watch them, and throw extra peanuts to the blue jays and squirrels. I usually have my camera with me, and occasionally get some pretty good shots, but mostly I like to just watch them. It's always amusing!
It's not easy to photograph the quick little visitors. I get plenty of pictures of fuzzy squirrel tails and empty branches where a bird was a moment before, but sometimes I get lucky.

Here are a few photos of the birds I have seen. See if you can identify them, and match them with the list of species. These are all birds I have seen in my backyard, although some of the photos were taken elsewhere.
And you're going to love the video!
I have listed the species here in alphabetical order. They're pretty common, so I'm sure you'll recognize at least some.
Blue Jay
House Finch
Mourning Dove
Northern Flicker

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  1. Ariana, all of your photography is lovely and the poetry is a wonderful accompaniment. I did love the video! It will be fun following your blog.